1. Wheel lugs: First and foremost make sure all wheel lugs are secure and have no broken wheel studs.
  2. Fluids: Before your dyno run, be sure that all fluids are at their respective full levels, and in good condition. If it's been a while since your last oil change, you may want to consider changing it before your dyno run. PLEASE make sure the oil/coolant leaks are to an absolute minimum before you arrive.
  3. Check Engine Lights: Please make sure your car is not throwing any diagnostic codes. There are a few exceptions to the rule, let us know before your appointment. If you cannot track down and eliminate a code, we will make arrangements for more time (and labor) in order to solve the problem.
  4. Engine: Make sure all rotating mechanical parts are in proper condition such as axles, wheel bearings and motor assembly.
  5. Exhaust: Keep exhaust leaks to a minimum.
  6. Release Form: Before your dyno run you must sign and date a release form.
  7. Show up on time: Your time is valuable, as is ours, If you are unable to make an appointment, please call (281-633-9894) ahead at least two business days to reschedule.

Release Form